Getting the Most for Your Restaurant Dollar

Is It Possible To Eat Healthy At An Italian Restaurant?

When most people think about Italian restaurants, they imagine baskets of bread and pastas slathered in creamy sauces. Although these are Italian food staples, they are not the only things you can eat. If you are watching what you eat, you can still go to an Italian restaurant without worry. Here are some helpful hints to eating healthy at an Italian restaurant:

Remove the Bread Basket

Italian bread smothered in olive oil and cheese will definitely make your mouth water, but it is not the best for a diet. This bread is packed with calories and simple carbohydrates. It is also difficult to only have one piece. When the server comes around, ask him or her to not bring the bread basket to the table.

Stay Away from Creamy Sauces

If you want to order pasta, it is very important to choose the right sauce. Creamy sauces, such as alfredo sauce, are packed with calories and fat grams. Red pasta sauces, on the other hand, contain fewer calories and are a lot healthier. Ask the server to add a marinara or vegetable sauce to your pasta.

Choose Grilled Entree Options

Many Italian dishes, such as eggplant Parmesan, are fried and covered in batter, so they are no good for your diet. To avoid eating too many calories, ask your sever to bring you a grilled entree item, such as grilled calamari.

Order Some Soup

A great way to avoid eating too much of your meal is to order soup. Minestrone soup is one of the healthiest Italian soups and will fill you up.

Go With a Thin Crust Pizza

If you feel like ordering a pizza, it is best to stay away from doughy crusts. They are filled with calories and will leave you feeling bloated. A thin crust pizza has fewer calories and will not make you feel guilty.

Slow Down Your Eating

Unlike many Americans, Italians like to enjoy their meals and eat more slowly. If you take the time to actually enjoy each morsel of food, you will get fuller faster and will not be likely to eat as much.

Dining at an Italian restaurant (such as Ynot Italian) does not have to sabotage your diet. If you follow these helpful tips, can avoid eating too many calories at an Italian restaurant. When you feel full, put down your fork and take the rest of your meal home in a box.