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3 Must-Try Authentic Mexican Dishes

Although Tex-Mex cuisine has a lot in common with traditional Mexican dishes, and both are quite delicious, nothing can really top the real deal. Most authentic Mexican dishes are constructed with corn tortilla, a meat of some sort, and various toppings and sauces. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn of just a few of some authentic Mexican dishes that you must try.

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al pastor translates to "shepherd tacos." If you order this dish in America, you'll almost always be served pork. Although this is the case in Mexico, as well, you can also find tacos al pastor served with a beef or chicken base, as well. The key to tacos al pastor is marinating it well and seasoning it over a large spit. Tacos al pastor usually are served in small, thin slices of a corn tortilla and topped with onion, pineapple, cilantro, a hint of freshly-squeezed lime, and perhaps a bit of salsa. This is a hearty dish that can be either a quick snack, if you choose to eat one, or a full meal, if you choose to indulge.


Chilaquiles are not unlike a pared down version of nachos. However, unlike the nachos you get at most places, chilaquiles are always constructed from the freshest of ingredients. A bed of corn tortillas is lightly fried, and then on top, it is covered with green (and sometimes red) salsa. Shredded chicken is then placed on top and finished off with a bit of crema. In some cases, chilaquiles are served with some of the fixings that are traditionally served with nachos, like refried beans or a side of guacamole.


This is a dish that dates back to the Aztec-era of Mexico. Although cooking pozole can be a draining experience that can take hours, it is worth every second. It is mainly constructed with pork, chicken, vegetables, and hominy corn. It is cooked and simmered over the course of an entire night, so the hominy becomes incredibly soft, and the meat and vegetables break down and flavor the broth. It is recommended that you spice it to your taste. When it's served, make sure you don't fill your bowl up all of the way, as it is topped with large amounts of fresh radish, lettuce, and onion.

Authentic Mexican dishes are absolutely mouthwatering. Hopefully, this brief article has given you some idea of what you're in store for when you decide to feast on Mexican cuisine. Contact a Mexican restaurant near you, such as La Cabana Mexican Restaurant, to see if they might feature these dishes.