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4 Delicious Japanese Seafood Dishes

Among the many advantages of being an island nation is the fact that Japan has an incredible ease of access when it comes to fresh seafood. As such, numerous dishes have popped up that take incredible advantage of this fact. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn a bit about some of the best authentic Japanese seafood dishes.


This dish literally translates to "shrimp chili" in English. This dish was originally derived from a Chinese plate in the Sichuan region, and although its original recipe was a bit spicier, this deviation still packs some heat. This dish is, as its name sake implies, grilled shrimp served with doubanjiang, and, according to taste, may or may not contain chili peppers.

Itoyori no Nitsuke

Nitsuke is not necessarily a type of dish, but rather, a sort of guide to creating a dish. It basically is a method of cooking where a meat is boiled with a variety of spices to your own taste. Iyotori is a meaty, lean white fish that lends itself perfectly to this kind of dish. There are other types of fish that work quite well in itoyori's place, such as salmon and lean cuts of tuna.


Satsuma-age is a delicious paste that is breaded and deep fried. This dish requires a blend of a carrot, an egg, a green onion, ¾ of a pound of cod fillet. The cod fillet is de-boned, and all of the ingredients are blended together to form a fine paste. They are then breaded and fried in a skillet with pan oil. This dish is often served as an appetizer before the main course.


Tekkamaki roughly translates to "burning hot iron," but the contents of tekkamaki should be quite familiar to you, if you're a fan of Japanese food. Tekkamaki is a tuna sushi roll. Tekkamaki is generally served with a seaweed wrap, rather than rice paper, and is usually just served with cucumber. There are variations that might include a different vegetable, such an avocado, or may include the presence of more seafood, such as crab meat.

Although this guide has provided you with a detailed guide of some traditional Japanese seafood dishes, most of these recipes can be readily prepared in America or purchased at good deal of Japanese restaurants in America. Hopefully, this brief article has opened your taste buds up to a few new possibilites.