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Having A Banquet For Your Company? Make It Better For Your Employees By Doing These Three Things

Having a banquet for your small business can present a great way for you to celebrate your company and recognize those who have gone above and beyond the ordinary to help your business succeed. To encourage your employees to attend the banquet, use the following tips to make it a better experience for them.

Find Out What Everyone Can Eat

With all the diets out there from gluten-free to vegetarian, everyone who attends the banquet might not be able to eat the same things. If you want your employees to enjoy themselves, it is important that you know what kinds of food they can and will eat during the banquet.

To know for sure, consider doing an informal survey that can help you determine how many different options you'll need. A survey will not only allow you to get a good idea of what people can eat, but it can help you save money; if no one eats a gluten-free diet, you won't have to pay for a gluten-free menu. A good banquet services company can help you plan menus for the night so that everyone can have a delicious meal.

Arrange Transportation

Regardless of where you plan to hold your company's banquet, keep in mind that in order to start on time, everyone has to arrive in a timely manner. There is a possibility that people will get lost or arrive late.

To eliminate the stress of finding the venue and being late, consider arranging a bus or other vehicle to transport your employees from your business location to the event venue. While people may still show up late, most of your employees will appreciate the fact that they can avoid having to drive or find a new place.

Riding together to the banquet location will also allow you and your employees to socialize and get to know each other better.

Plan Special Activities

In order to have a banquet that everyone talks about for days to come, it is a good idea to plan a special occurrence or surprise that everyone can enjoy. For instance, you might plan to have a special guest speaker. You might give out door prizes or you might have team-building games. The more activities you can pack into the night, the more your employees will enjoy it.

Use the tips here to help you plan a company banquet that is enjoyable for you and your employees. If your banquet is successful, you can plan to have such an event every year.