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3 Delicious Alternatives To Cake At Your Wedding

There are many mainstays of weddings that go unquestioned -- from the dress, to the flowers, to the reception line. None, however, hold a candle to the ultimate symbol of a wedding: the cake. A wedding cake is the epitome of tradition, but if you're not that big a fan of cake, investing in a giant piece of food you won't enjoy seems like a pretty silly idea. So what's a cake-hater to do? If you're looking for some alternatives to the traditional wedding cake to have at your reception, then here are some options you might enjoy.

Cups Full of Cake

You're not a fan of one giant cake -- but how about a bunch of little cakes? Wedding cupcakes are superior to straight-up cake in a number of ways: they can come in multiple flavors for picky guests, are less messy to serve, and can be enjoyed without plates or silverware. For a truly customizable experience for your guests, you can also use different flavors of frostings -- or use both frosting and icing -- so that everyone gets a treat exactly how they like it. As a bonus, you can color the frostings/icings to your wedding colors, so the entire display is cohesive.

Tart It Up

Just as handy but a little more sophisticated, serving mini tarts as a wedding dessert opens up a new world of possibilities. If you get married in the summer, you can rely on all of the fresh fruit in season to provide timely, delicious toppings, with fresh, light cream beneath it. If your festivities are accented by snow, try warm flavors like pumpkin, peppermint, nutmeg, and cinnamon. No matter what time of the year you get married, however, mainstays like custard and chocolate are always popular choices, and all of these can be eaten with just your hands, making them quite convenient for those who don't want to sit down and eat.

Let them Eat (Cheese) Cake

So you don't really like wedding cake, but what if you really like another kind of cake -- such as cheesecake? There's no hard and fast rule that your cake has to be made out of flour and sugar, after all. With several large cheesecakes, you still have the benefit of the whole "cutting-into-the-cake" picture, while still being able to enjoy a delicious dessert. And if you choose different flavors for each one of your cheesecakes? Well, then, you can truly have your wedding cake -- and eat it, too.