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3 Must Try Authentic Italian Dishes

Sure, Italian-American food is great--excellent even! However, sometimes it pays to expand the palate of your taste buds a bit. Listed here are a few dishes that have their roots in Italy itself. Often times, authentic Italian dishes tend to be constructed from higher quality products than their American counterparts. Look for a restaurant or Italian catering services that serves one or more of these incredible and authentic Italian dishes.


It is sometimes forgotten by families that are not of Italian descent that Italians don't just do pasta and hearty bread and meat based dishes. The Italians also know how to make an excellent dessert. The torrone is just that. Eggs whites, citrus zest, honey, and toasted nuts all go into the construction of this hard candy that is sold in confectioneries throughout Italy. It is a crunchy, sweet, and complex flavor that has a certain dryness that allows all of the flavors to be experienced in a distinct manner. There is also a variation on the original in which the entirety of the torrone is dipped in chocolate before being served.


The region of Veneti is where this signature Italian pasta hails from. It is distinct from an Italian pasta that you may know: spaghetti. While spaghetti noodles are thin, bigoti noodles are thick and hearty. Each noodle has a hole through the center, which allows it to soak up a great deal of the sauce. The noodles are also distinct in that they are made from duck egg and buckwheat flavor. The sauce itself almost seems like a meal unto itself. It is usually made from a variety of different vegetables and dry red wine, and then marinated tender slices of duck meat. After serving, Parmesan is added to the diner's taste.


The direct translation of ribolita is "reboiled." The origin of this dish comes from its status as a peasant's dish in which Tuscan servants would grab bits of their master's meal that were not finished and reboiled them as a hearty stew. Today, ribolita is considered a fine, filling meal, fit for everyone from every walk of life to enjoy. This rich stew uses bread in its construction, giving it an incredibly thick texture, as it tends to absorb a great deal of the vegetables flavor and broth. Many people have favorably compared ribolita's heartiness and ability to fill one up with chili.