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3 Regional Sandwiches You Absolutely Have To Try

Trips across the United States have so much to offer. Soak up the people, art, culture, and – most importantly – the cuisine. What could be more decidedly American than a sandwich? Read on and discover just a few regional sandwiches you absolutely have to try if you ever find yourself in the region of the country where the sandwich hails from.

The Schmitter

The Schmitter is a fitting sandwich for one that hails from the City of Brotherly Love, since it is the spiritual brother to a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Like a Philly cheese steak sandwich, it includes the usual suspects: fried onions, shaved rib eye, and the crowning piece: melted cheese. However, one look at the Schmitter and you know that it is different. While the Philly cheese steak is served on a long hoagie style bun, the Schmitter is served on a round Kaiser roll and is slightly smaller. More important is the fact that the Schmitter adds an extra element of meat to the mix: grilled salami.

Fried Walleye Sandwich

If you find yourself at any pub worth its weight in bar food while in Minnesota, you should be able to find a fried walleye sandwich. The walleye is the state fish of Minnesota, and after tasting one of these sandwiches, you should be able to tell why. Fried walleye is actually quite crispy and flaky and a good fried walleye won't be incredibly greasy like some other fried fish tend to be. It is served on an elongated, hero-style bun and comes with few accoutrements—namely, sliced fresh onion and fresh lettuce. The walleye itself is seasoned very little, with just a bit of salt and a few squeezes of lemon.

The Horseshoe

In central and southern Illinois, you will find plenty of restaurants that serve this greasy and filling meal of a sandwich. The horseshoe essentially consists of just a few things – but plenty of those few things! It is an open faced sandwich that uses Texas toast as its base, with a hamburger patty thrown on top, and tons of fries placed over the patty. The meal isn't completed yet, however. The entirety of this concoction is then drizzled with melted cheese. The horseshoe is actually a variation on a much fancier sandwich with the same name, which placed a ham on bone on a slice of Italian bread, with fresh potato sliced strewn about, and drenched in a bit of a Welsh rarebit sauce.

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