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Why It's Almost Impossible To Make Pizza-Place-Quality Pizza At Home

You may be able to come close, but it is near impossible to replicate the taste of your favorite pizza place at home. There are a number of reasons why you can't duplicate a pizza shop. If you are a pizza fanatic, then you know that the taste of each pizza place in town is probably different. Each uses their own seasoning in the sauce, in addition to a particular blend of cheeses. While you may think all pizza cheese is the same, it's not. In fact, it can make a big difference in the pizza that you are making. The dough for the pizza can't be forgotten either. While basic ingredients go in the dough, a few additions and the dough becomes special to that particular shop.

You Don't Have The Right Oven

Pizza places generally set the temperature of their pizza ovens between 550 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is difficult, if not impossible to reach with a typical house stove. You can try it, but you probably don't want to test out the maximum temperatures of your home oven too often. In addition, your favorite pizza place could be using a convection oven, another factor in creating original tasting pizza that is tough to duplicate. A convention oven used specialized technology that cooks your food faster and keeps the temperature of the whole oven more even throughout.

You Don't Have the Recipe

It's not as simple as it looks to throw together a pizza, unless you have been doing it for a while. Pizza making takes some talent, and if you don't have the right recipe, it will be near impossible to make pizza at home that tastes like your favorite restaurant.

You Can't Get the Right Combination of Ingredients

Too much sauce or too little cheese can make a huge difference in how your final pizza comes out. Here is where you can try many different combinations, and still not get your pizza quite right. While you may not make perfect pizza at home, you can have some fun trying to and sampling it all.

You Can Try Using a Pizza Stone

One way to get your pizza to taste more like a pizza shop is to cook your pizza by placing it on a pizza stone. The stone helps keep the temperature of the pizza even throughout the cooking process. Pizza stones are available in several sizes for you to choose from.

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