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Three Decisions To Make When You Order A Custom Flight Of Beer

If you're a beer lover who is always eager to try different brands and varieties, it can be fun to seek out breweries in your area or even when you travel. A good way to test many types of beer during a brewery visit is to order a flight of beer. People often enjoy visiting breweries to order flights of beer, and it can be fun to sit with a few friends and compare the products you're sampling. Lots of breweries have create-your-own flight options, which means that you can customize every detail of your flight. Here are some decisions you'll make in this process. 

Beer Types

Perhaps the most fun part of ordering a custom flight of beer is choosing what beer types it will include. Your server will present you with a list of the brewery's beers. You'll see the name of each and a description of its flavor. In some cases, you'll even see a picture of the beer's color. There are lots of different approaches that you can take with choosing your beer types. If you primarily enjoy light beer, for example, you can select a flight that is entirely made up of light options. Alternatively, you might favor choosing several beers for which the brewery has won awards.

Serving Size

You'll also have the option of choosing what size of glasses will make up your flight of beer. Breweries often have a few different glass sizes for patrons. If you're eager to enjoy several sips of each beer type, you might want to order the largest glass size that is available for flights. It will be smaller than the glass that you'd use to order a single beer, but it's still large enough to give you a chance to thoroughly evaluate each beer. Conversely, if you're excited to try a large number of beers, you might choose the smallest glass size available.

Snack Pairings

While you can certainly order a flight of beer on its own, many people enjoy pairing their beverages with a few snacks. At a lot of breweries, you'll see a menu that features various appetizers, and there's often an option for a flight of beer that comes with a few of these. The menu will usually point out what appetizers are a good complement to which beers, so you'll be able to make an informed decision about what to order.

Learn more about flights of beer by visiting a local brewery.