Getting the Most for Your Restaurant Dollar

How To Make Your Pizza Delivery Service Stand Out

Do you already have a pizza delivery service and want your current service to stand out? Do you want to start a pizzeria but you want to make sure the one you start isn't mimicking the others that exist where you live? You can get the most out of your pizza delivery service if you make it different from all the rest, be it from the way you deliver pizzas to the customer service you provide. 

Here are ways to make your pizza delivery service stand out. You can explore several options to see which ones work best for your needs and budget.

Go as green as possible

When it comes to delivering quality pizzas, you can deliver quality in both the food you make and the air quality you protect. Go as green as possible with your delivery service. You can do this by delivering via bike for the closer orders or using a fuel-saving vehicle to deliver with, such as a motorbike, electric vehicle, or electric hybrid. Make sure all pizza boxes are made of recyclable or recycled materials and only deliver utensils and other items with your meals upon request.

Have a customer loyalty program

Smaller businesses can benefit by having a customer loyalty program, but not all of them go the extra mile to do this and follow through. Your loyalty program for your pizza delivery service can be simple and not cost you much to drive service your way. You can simply have every set number of deliveries by the same customer equal a fee-free delivery or an order of breadsticks or a soft drink, whatever is cost-effective to you and a benefit to your customers.

Not every local pizza delivery service has a loyalty program revolving around deliveries alone, which will help your company stand out.

Have more than pizza available

Besides the classic pizza, salads, sodas, and other basics, be sure to offer other foods so your customers can choose your establishment for delivery if they want pasta, desserts, gourmet pizzas, or even soups. You can diversify your menu without adding too many ingredients to your list, which can be helpful in keeping your kitchen from being overwhelmed and your costs lower.

You'll appeal to more customers if you have a diverse menu, but don't offer so many things that you lose sight of what your business is—a pizza delivery service. It will take some time to find balance.

Try some of these ideas to create a unique pizza delivery service