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3 Italian Restaurant Desserts To Help Combat Garlic Breath

When you dine at an Italian restaurant for lunch, you are bound to come across some form of garlic in your meal. Italian specialties like pasta, soup, and bread will often feature garlic as one of the main ingredients. When you book Italian lunch reservations, you do not want to spend the rest of the day worrying about garlic on your breath.

With some good planning, you can find a wide range of authentic Italian desserts that will help combat the garlic flavors and provide you with a nice way to cap off your Italian lunch. Check out the dessert options and which ingredients will help eliminate garlic flavors.

1. Tiramisu

When you book authentic Italian lunch reservations, you will often see tiramisu listed as one of the main menu items. The classic Italian dessert includes layers of soft cream along with some soaked ladyfingers. Coffee provides one of the key ingredients for tiramisu and you will taste coffee infused throughout the whole dessert.

The coffee provides a key element to combat garlic breath. Strong coffee flavors will help minimize the garlic taste in your mouth. You could even pair tiramisu with a fresh cup of Italian espresso to help combat the flavors even further.

2. Zeppole

Also known as a deep-fried dough ball, a platter of Zeppole provides a fun dessert for everyone at the table to share. The dessert includes a wide range of fillings, but many Italian restaurants will focus on an orange filling for the dessert. The citrus and acids found in the orange can help reduce the impact of the garlic on your breath.

The acids could naturally break up the garlic and create a nice mixture of flavors. When you order zeppole, you could also look for other citrus flavors like lemon. Some of them may include a lemon filling and a lemon-based icing.

3. Gelato

A quick cold treat offers a fun way to cap off lunch and many Italian restaurants will offer gelato. The smooth frozen dessert comes in a wide range of flavors to help cover up garlic breath. For example, you could order a raspberry gelato filled with rich flavors. If available, a mint chocolate chip gelato will offer fresh mint flavors that add a refreshing taste to your mouth.

Browse their full gelato options to see what flavors will taste the best and ways to help combat the strong taste of garlic.

Check out Italian dessert menus online ahead of time to make your selections and to get the most out of your lunch reservation.