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Etiquette Tips For Working In A Cafe

A cafe can be a good place to make a brief visit to grab a hot drink and a snack when you're on the go, but there are also scenarios in which you may wish to visit for a longer duration. One popular option is to take your laptop computer and spend a couple of hours working at the cafe. Many cafes encourage this type of visit and have various seating options that you can try. Someone who is self-employed may enjoy the change of scenery that working in a cafe provides, rather than being in their home office. Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind if you're planning to visit a cafe to do some work.

Buy A Few Products

It's proper etiquette to buy a few products during your cafe visit, particularly if you're planning to stay for a while. While buying a coffee or tea is suitable for a short visit, it's appropriate to grab something else once you're done with your beverage. For example, you might enjoy slowly drinking the coffee or tea while you work, but you should think about making another purchase a short period of time after the drink is done. Consider returning to the counter to pick up a muffin, cookie, or sandwich that you can enjoy over the remainder of your visit.

Be Mindful Of Your Space

You'll also want to be mindful of how much space you take up while you're sitting in the cafe. It's OK to take a few work materials with you, such as a computer, book, and binder, but you shouldn't spread these items out to the point that they affect other customers' ability to sit down. Similarly, it's better to charge your laptop at home rather than take a long charging cable to the cafe that stretches from where you're sitting to a wall outlet a few feet away.

Watch Your Volume

You might have one or more phone calls or even a video call to make during your time at the cafe. Do your best to keep your volume low as you work. One goal is to maintain a volume that is no more than a standard conversation volume, as this will prevent you from adding excess noise to the cafe. Some people have a habit of speaking loudly when they're on a phone or video call, so do your best to avoid this. You'll also want to wear earbuds so that your fellow patrons can't hear the voice of the person to whom you're speaking.

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